ADB #wineclub – A winery at a time

ADB #wineclub – A winery at a time … – … Sannino Herculaneum. “Taurasi 2010” is the wine you like best.

vini sannino

The ADB #wineclub regularly organizes blind wine tastings, i.e. the tasters are not informed of the wines they taste.
From May 2015, in addition to customary and known tastings, thy even make tasting with wines coming from a single company.
The tasters, of course apart from the organizer, are not aware of the company that is taken “under consideration”. They are asked to evaluate the wine (as usual card), to make a brief description, to cite a dish that best matches, to estimate a price, vintage, grading and the main grape variety (or the name some wine).
Even for these tastings, we would like to clarify that the main purpose is primarily educational.

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