Amodio Pesce Award 2012

It was held yesterday at the Palazzo Medici Ottaviano the award ceremony of the winners of the fifth edition of the Fish Amodio on the closing day of the 2012 edition of the event Vesuvinum – Days of Lacryma Christi. The award, dedicated to the memory of Amodio Pesce, winemaker founder […]

pagina falanghina frizzante

New Falanghina Frizzante I.G.P.

Falanghina sparkling, the new way to drink the Vesuvius! “Freshness and flavor are two prerequisites to become a table and quench summer evenings, and the whites of Sannino have always sparkled: the latest addition, commissioned by the young Antonio, is a Falanghina Frizzante I.G.P. obtained by fermentation in autoclave. The goal is […]


They talk about us

Luciano Pignataro’s blog talks about us. Sannino Wines Work well is a personal commitment that people take with themselves. The credit for their work, and the goodness of it, is something pleases all people, whether they are secretive or more exuberant. In this news we want to share with you […]



Our Lacryma Christi Rosato 2010 won in 2011 the competition dedicated to the memory of Amodio Pesce, winemaker founder of the Wine Road of Vesuvius and Lacryma Christi”Dad” . The award was given by selecting the Lacryma Christi rosé “Sannino” between multiple samples tasted blind, and has been praised for […]

gragnano bicchiere


“The glass of GRAGNANO D.O.C. SANNINO has a fine mousse, persistent, rich in floral aromas on the nose, in the mouth has degreasing structure, easy to drink yet definitely challenging, need to pork liver, meat sauce, tripe, even Neapolitan lasagna and pasta at high oven as the Empire. I saw […]


The Company

The winery SANNINO and ‘was founded in the fertile ground of the Vesuvian cities of Herculaneum by the family, who decided to invest in their own territory the wine experience gained over several decades of activity. The careful selection of the grapes’ origin, the important investments in machinery and leading […]


At Easter, add a place at the table.

Quale bottiglia Sannino lascerà il segno sulla tua tavola a Pasqua? Ogni rosso ha il suo carattere: c’è il frizzante, il contemplativo, il serio. Ogni vino lascia il segno sul palato, sulla tua tavola, sulla tovaglia.



The family Sannino, who lives and works at Herculaneum, the Vesuvius fertile land, area of great wines renowned for centuries, pours into their wines all the passion and experience of their art wine. Our wine shows the strength of the Vesuvio, the smell of the Gulf and the fertility of our land.

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