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IL MATTINO TALK ABOUT US Nothing more fitting of our GRAGNANO D.O.C. to accompany a dish of the neapolitan tradition linked to the carnival celebration. The complexity of lasagna – steaming mix of pasta, meat, cottage cheese, meatballs and sausage – need infact a drink that is overwhelming and slender […]

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ADB #wineclub – A winery at a time

ADB #wineclub – A winery at a time … – … Sannino Herculaneum. “Taurasi 2010” is the wine you like best. The ADB #wineclub regularly organizes blind wine tastings, i.e. the tasters are not informed of the wines they taste. From May 2015, in addition to customary and known tastings, […]

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Gragnano D.O.C. is a sparkling red intense in fragrance & flavor fresh and pimp, able to charm the usual consumer and surprise the occasional drinker. This is because it’s a perfect combination between the lightness of Piedirosso I.G.T. and depth of Aglianico I.G.T. flavor, two native red berries wine we treat […]

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We present the Taurasi, the new red wine D.O.C.G. by Azienda Vinicola Sannino: a wine red ruby, garnet up to buy orange hues with aging. Visit page now the Taurasi D.O.C.G. and read more and all its features.


The Gambero Rosso is about us!!

Authoritative culinary magazine GAMBERO ROSSO praises the work of our wines and our company, focusing in particular on “Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio D.O.C. Rosso” calling it “subtle and vibrant”.

premiazione amodio pesce 2013 lacryma bianco


Our Lacryma Christi White 2012 wins the competition dedicated to the memory of Amodio Pesce, winemaker founder of the Wine Road of Vesuvius and Lacryma Christi “Dad” . The award was given by selecting our Lacryma Christi White “Sannino” among 76 samples tasted blind of 31 companies, including 27 whites, 20 reds, […]

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New Falanghina Frizzante I.G.P.

Falanghina sparkling, the new way to drink the Vesuvius! “Freshness and flavor are two prerequisites to become a table and quench summer evenings, and the whites of Sannino have always sparkled: the latest addition, commissioned by the young Antonio, is a Falanghina Frizzante I.G.P. obtained by fermentation in autoclave. The goal is […]


They talk about us

Luciano Pignataro’s blog talks about us. Sannino Wines Work well is a personal commitment that people take with themselves. The credit for their work, and the goodness of it, is something pleases all people, whether they are secretive or more exuberant. In this news we want to share with you […]

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