“The glass of GRAGNANO D.O.C. SANNINO has a fine mousse, persistent, rich in floral aromas on the nose, in the mouth has degreasing structure, easy to drink yet definitely challenging, need to pork liver, meat sauce, tripe, even Neapolitan lasagna and pasta at high oven as the Empire. I saw so many still ask, since the bottom of the bottle.

gragnano bicchiere

The freshness of the glass recommends quick drink, not long time because that’s how the Gragnano plays himself on the Neapolitan table, a consolatory and participative function because if an Taurasi I’ll shoot you alone in front of the fireplace, it is difficult to think of the red land of the Sirens without a toast, a chat, one teasing, maybe even without using the glass cup, but yes, of paper. “

Luciano Pignataro. Read the entire article.

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