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IL MATTINO TALK ABOUT US Nothing more fitting of our GRAGNANO D.O.C. to accompany a dish of the neapolitan tradition linked to the carnival celebration. The complexity of lasagna – steaming mix of pasta, meat, cottage cheese, meatballs and sausage – need infact a drink that is overwhelming and slender […]


At Easter, add a place at the table.

Quale bottiglia Sannino lascerà il segno sulla tua tavola a Pasqua? Ogni rosso ha il suo carattere: c’è il frizzante, il contemplativo, il serio. Ogni vino lascia il segno sul palato, sulla tua tavola, sulla tovaglia.



The family Sannino, who lives and works at Herculaneum, the Vesuvius fertile land, area of great wines renowned for centuries, pours into their wines all the passion and experience of their art wine. Our wine shows the strength of the Vesuvio, the smell of the Gulf and the fertility of our land.

vigneto tramonto


The Sannino Farm waits for you to guide you through the paths of the Vesuvio in a tour between flavors and culture to let you know and taste its own excellences & tell you about the myths and legends of wines from Campania and its people. The tour consists of: Introducing […]


The Territory

Herculaneum Founded according to the legend by the valiant Hercules in 1243 BC on a low promontory of Mount Vesuvius, the ancient “Herculaneum” was a small city transit along the coastal road that led from Naples to the south of the peninsula. Soon the temperate climate and wonderful views of […]

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