LACRYMA CHRISTI: Between History and Legend

Unravel the mystery behind the “Lacryma Christi” designation is certainly daring enterprise.
History and legend intertwine creating a composite plot, surrounded by so great unsolved mystery as fascinating.
But this is not surprising since the whole Neapolitan tradition is grafted on the trunk of historical enriched by legendary explanations truth, in which generally the religious element is used as adhesive; and not exempt from this trend even Lacryma Christi D.O.C., which identifies the emblem of the Vesuvius flavor expressed in wine, mix of structure and great minerality.

uva aglianico pompeiano

Particularly appealing is the legendary story that Lucifer, the angel expelled from Paradise for his atrocities, stole viciously a piece of paradise to generate the Gulf of Naples; just completed the theft, then he sank into the bowels of Hell leaving behind a chasm from which arose the Mount Vesuvius.
At the same time, Jesus wept because saddened by the theft accomplished and there where he poured his tears, the soil became fertile by hosting the first tears of Vesuvius lives, generating the famous “Lacryma Christi” that in english means “tears of Christ”.

Less persuasive but no less striking is the historical truth, which tells of a particularly fertile ground not in virtue of a divine tear, but by virtue of which have alternated volcanic eruptions over the centuries and millennia: as a result of the cooling of the lava and volcanic lava impregnated in the soil, it takes form a magnificent stone mineral fertilizer that releases precious crystals and gives a strong minerality to Vesuvian grapes.


To those who ask us what is the better explanation, we respond that we should not choose between history and myth, because both reveal the fascinating origin of a typical and unrepeatable wine glass, since Vesuvius is unique in the world.


Rather, we add that territoriality is not the only secret of this volcanic wine, which must instead his great success to the palate Balance: if the Lacryma Christi D.O.C. Bianco unveils a comparison between the exuberant minerality of Falanghina Vesuvius with Coda di Volpe, Lacryma Christi D.O.C. Rosso combines the roundness of Piedirosso with the strong taste of Aglianico grapes. And the Lacryma Christi D.O.C. Rosato does not disprove the rule, representing the interesting combo between the freshness of the white and the right body of the young red.

And then we just have to choose … Choose from White, Red and Rosé.

lacryma christi rosso

Pleasant taste, but Determined and SoftFull-bodied and elegant.

Its aroma is reminiscent of violet and the violet flowers, combined with sensible notes of liquorice and intense noble woods.

Learn how to enjoy it at its best

Its structure is well suited to tasty pasta dishes such as meat sauce, gnocchi alla Sorrentina, Genovese, stuffed ravioli. As regards the second course, processed red meat and mature cheeses such as Agerola smoked cheese, caciocavallo of Castelfranco smoked buffalo, smoked cheese from cow or buffalo bell.

lacryma christi bianco

Highly versatile and easy pairing, this wine is renowned worldwide for the unmistakable flavor obtained by the skillful blend of native grapes “Coda di Volpe” and “Falanghina”.

It has a delicate bouquet, reminiscent of broom flowers and ripe fruit with mineral notes.

Learn how to enjoy it at its best

It goes well with dishes based on fish with seafood such as spaghetti with clams, octopus salad and shellfish; also great with low-fat cheeses, such as ricotta cheese of St. Anastasia and the tender Bebè from Sorrento.

lacryma christi rosato

With an intriguing flavor, coupled itself the freshness of the white and the right body of the young red.

Its intense and pleasant fragrance reminiscent of Vesuvius broom, orange blossoms and fruits ripened in the sun.

Learn how to enjoy it at its best

It is a versatile wine that is worthy of white meat roasts, game and stews of vegetables (perfect with the Paestum artichokes), as well as risottos, crazy water fish and octopus in the sauce of hanging cherry tomatoes Vesuvius.

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