To warm this cold winter, the Azienda Vinicola Sannino proposes a sweet appointment: LE LACRYME DI CIOCCOLATO.
Each Lacryma Chocolate contains a delicious Heart of Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio  D.O.C. Rosso cream, enclosed in a shell of dark or milk chocolate craft.

Let groped and treat yourself to a double delight for both the palate and for the Well-being of the body: dark chocolate and red wine both contain a lot of antioxidants, namely polyphenols, flavonoids-in high concentration in the  cacao beans-  & resveratrol -typically present in red grapes-.
So there is nothing better than being able to match the flavor to the Wellness, and choose our Lacryme di Cioccolato.

Lacryme di cioccolato
Lacryme di cioccolato

Anna Paola Sannino

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