The Sannino Farm waits for you to guide you through the paths of the Vesuvio in a tour between flavors and culture to let you know and taste its own excellences & tell you about the myths and legends of wines from Campania and its people.

The tour consists of:

Introducing the Farm: Sannino’s family- history, traditions, land

013_13The Sannino Wine Farm is 600m away from the Ercolano highway exit, on the Napoli-Salerno A3 motorway, placed in Via Giuseppe Semmola towards the Vesuvio, crossing with Via Benedetto Cozzolino, one of the most alive and busy road not far from Naples. There you’ll find the cellar with its conservation and production plants, the administrative department and the wine shop.
Here everyday Guests, Tourists, Schoolchildren, purchasers, fans and newbies are housed has family members. From here, it will start a path to get closer to the viticulture and the cellar work. First of all, you will get introduced to the farm, its origins, its way of life, its methodology and its productive choice.

Approaching to the wine-grower’s job: vineyard’s tour- seasons’ cycle

Then, after a little walking through the peasant village, in few minutes you will get to the main vineyard, the one which Grandpa’ Aniello grew on his own and from which everything started.

Here, in very close contact with the vineyard work, you will learn about the volcanic clump, the types of vine variety, manufacturing phases and adopted farming techniques.

Approaching to the wine vault working : cellar’s tour- fermentation & production, manufacturing and bottling plants

Back from the vineyard, there will be a guided tour of the cellar where it will be possible to see closely the entire productive cycle, the fermentation, conservation, manufacturing and bottling plants.

Above all, visitors can touch a corporate reality updated with the latest technology, which are ideal to implement the production and creating premium wines.

Wine and food tasting

The tour will end up with the guided tasting of the Sannino Wine on the beautiful terrace overlooking the vineyard above the company structure, where you can admire the charming beauty of Naple’s Gulf, from Posillipo to Punta Campanella, with Capri in the middle and an amazing foreshortening of the Vesuvio at your back.

Together with the experience of tasting wine, the Sannino Wine Farm offers you great typical food, through a guided Wine-&-Food tour that makes your tour of the Farm a real tour among history, culture and tradition. In the kitchen there is Aunt Maria, Aniello’s wife, who as a vocation and as a passion is the official cooker of the entire family. On her menu, only simple typical dishes from the Neapolitan tradition, recently rediscovered by both Italian and American scientists, better known nowadays as recipes of the Mediterranean cooking.

Among the proposals, together with the Vesuvio’s wines, such as Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio D.O.C. Bianco, Rosso e Rosato, Piedirosso Pompeiano I.G.T., Aglianico Campania I.G.T., Coda di Volpe Pompeiano I.G.T. and Falanghina Campania I.G.T., it will be possible to taste the Gragnano D.O.C. from the Sorrento’s Peninsula, the Taurasi D.O.C.G., the Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G., the Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G., all wines from Sannino’s Farm, just like all the white and barrique grappas made by the handcrafted distillation of the vinasse of the manufactured wines.

Wine and food proposal:

Proposal A – Veni | Proposal B – Vidi | Proposal C – Vici

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