Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio rosso candidato per l’autunno

L’ #autunno è la stagione delle #foglie, delle #castagne e anche del #buonvino, che proprio in questo periodo viene imbottigliato dopo l’annuale #vendemmia 🍂🌰🍇 È il periodo adatto per assaporare determinati tipi di #vino. Se l’estate accoglie a braccia aperte i #vinibianchi, leggeri e fruttati, in autunno, con l’abbassamento delle temperature e […]

vigneto sannino

The Sannino’s wine is the strength of Ercolano

We thank the blog of Luciano Pignataro for the careful and accurate description of our company in the article entitled “The Sannino’s wine is the strength of Herculaneum”. We invite you to read to get to know each other better in one fell swoop! 🙂

falanghina frizzante

Bubbles of Falanghina: tickle the palate

It tickles the palate, delights it, cuddles it. It ‘s an extremely versatile wine with a cheerful and sparkling character that lends itself to all convivial moments. It blends harmoniously with both fish, fries and seafood, and pizza. Intriguing as an aperitif, perfect even with a dessert. Its flavor is […]



To warm this cold winter, the Azienda Vinicola Sannino proposes a sweet appointment: LE LACRYME DI CIOCCOLATO. Each Lacryma Chocolate contains a delicious Heart of Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio  D.O.C. Rosso cream, enclosed in a shell of dark or milk chocolate craft. Let groped and treat yourself to a double delight […]


LACRYMA CHRISTI: Between History and Legend

Unravel the mystery behind the “Lacryma Christi” designation is certainly daring enterprise.
History and legend intertwine creating a composite plot, surrounded by so great unsolved mystery as fascinating.

Oggi parliamo di


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Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio in lava stone

LAVA STONE: a bottle that tells a story

Founded according to the legend by Hercules, Herculaneum, formerly located on a volcanic plateau overlooking the sea, was completely covered by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Therefore the lava, deposited, buried under a layer that reached a thickness of 23 meters. Starting with a casual discovery made at the ancient […]

vinitaly slide sannino

Visit us at VINITALY 2016: pavilion B, STAND n. 3

This year, the Winery Sannino will be present – as every year- at Vinitaly, the annual exhibition of wine set in the magnificent setting of Verona. Come visit our stand located in Hall “Campania”, to taste the whole range of regional Campania wines from our own production, and in particular the […]

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