New Falanghina Frizzante I.G.P.

Falanghina sparkling, the new way to drink the Vesuvius!

immaggine pagina falanghina frizzante

“Freshness and flavor are two prerequisites to become a table and quench summer evenings, and the whites of Sannino have always sparkled: the latest addition, commissioned by the young Antonio, is a Falanghina Frizzante I.G.P. obtained by fermentation in autoclave. The goal is to get into the band tightly guarded, even in Campania, the Prosecco. A nice background, easy, completes a range that we have always followed carefully.
There is nothing to do: the Falanghina is always loved, and remains the favorite character of the drink to accompany food Neapolitan tradition.”
In this way the prestigious newspaper “IL MATTINO” talks about our Falanghina Frizzante I.G.P., read the article and the web article.

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