Recognition “Vecchio Bottaio”

Great success for the wines of Sannino to “Vecchio Bottaio” Agropoli

vecchio bottaio agropoli riconoscimento sannino 1

An unprecedented success the evening tasting organized by the restaurant “The Vecchio Bottaio” Agropoli in collaboration with the winery Sannino Herculaneum. A week before the event the available seats were gone literally steals. Most likely, to achieve this have been influential on several factors: the quality that offers the renowned local agropolese, the pleasure of wine Sannino and great value for money. In fact, guests, for 5 courses with combined 4 wines and schnapps, served without limitations, they spent only 25 euro. Recall that the Vecchio Bottaio is open since 2009 and since the beginning has made it clear he wants to play a leading role in the complicated world of… Read the article

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