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The Sannino’s wine is the strength of Ercolano

We thank the blog of Luciano Pignataro for the careful and accurate description of our company in the article entitled “The Sannino’s wine is the strength of Herculaneum”. We invite you to read to get to know each other better in one fell swoop! 🙂  https://www.lucianopignataro.it/a/il-vino-dei-sannino-e-la-forza-di-ercolano/147689/

mosto gragnano


Gragnano D.O.C. is a sparkling red intense in fragrance & flavor fresh and pimp, able to charm the usual consumer and surprise the occasional drinker. This is because it’s a perfect combination between the lightness of Piedirosso I.G.T. and depth of Aglianico I.G.T. flavor, two native red berries wine we treat […]


They talk about us

Luciano Pignataro’s blog talks about us. Sannino Wines Work well is a personal commitment that people take with themselves. The credit for their work, and the goodness of it, is something pleases all people, whether they are secretive or more exuberant. In this news we want to share with you […]

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