Gragnano D.O.C. is a sparkling red intense in fragrance & flavor fresh and pimp, able to charm the usual consumer and surprise the occasional drinker.
This is because it’s a perfect combination between the lightness of Piedirosso I.G.T. and depth of Aglianico I.G.T. flavor, two native red berries wine we treat with great passion and to which we give a sparkling flavor thanks to the innovative method Charmat-Martinotti fermentation in autoclave.
It’s served as a white, and thus its freshness lends itself both to accompany winter dishes, like a stuffed pasta or a meatloaf, both less complex summer dishes. However the combination par excellence is with the Neapolitan pizza and panuozzo, of which this tasty red lightens every bite degreasing and leaving intense fruity notes to the palate .

foto gragnano di sara marte

We are pleased to produce a Gragnano that wine bloggers Luciano Pignataro considered as ONE OF LABELS 7 BELLS DO NOT MISS ….

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